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Jack Rock, MD

Interim Chair of Neurosurgery
Henry Ford Health System

“As a neurosurgeon, I fully appreciate the importance of surgical planning to reduce unnecessary patient injury and complications. Your product will have practical implications and serve as an excellent tool for a number of brain operations.”

Leonardo Rangel-Castella, MD

Neurosurgeon and Interventional Neuroradiologist
Mayo Clinic

“By offering a stunning user experience, EagleView is the game changer in neurosurgery by bringing surgical training, surgical planning, surgical navigation and patient engagement to a completely new height.”

Mark Rosenblum, MD

Chair Emeritus of Neurosurgery
Henry Ford Health System

“Teaching neurosurgery will be significantly enhanced with EagleView’s augmented reality employment.  In the future, patient individualized systems like theirs should improve the surgical procedure itself with resulting better patient outcomes.”

Steve Kalkanis, MD

CEO, Henry Ford Medical Group
Henry Ford Health System

“EagleView is leading the wave of augmented realty in neurosurgery and represents an important window into the future of neurosurgery.”


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