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At EagleView, we’re always looking for innovative and passionate people to join our team that want to transform the future of medicine. We’re a team of engineers, scientists, physicians, and visionaries reimaging tomorrow’s workplace.

Culture and Perks

Our benefits are a part of a collaborative, collegial, and creative company lifestyle that empowers our employees to contribute their best for the shared mission of the company.

Career Development

Fast track your career by taking on multiple functions within our team and gain experience as a key startup member.

Flexible Schedules

As long as your work hard and deliver results, we trust you to work when you feel the most productive.

Opportunity Rich Location

Michigan is on the verge of transitioning from the automotive industry to a technology hotbed. You’ll be surrounded by many of the fastest growing companies, startups, and entrepreneurs in the world.


We believe that having a stake in our company’s success is essential from day one.

Inclusive Environment

We believe that workplace diversity is key in building a strong company and strive to foster a positive and inclusive environment.

Employee Testimonials

“EagleView has given me a unique opportunity to build a career with diverse experience. I have developed a huge set of skills and feel like I am significant part of the company”

Benjamin Mick

Operations Manager

“EagleView Imaging has been a wonderful company to work for, and has allowed me to work with good teammates. It’s so great to work for a company that truly cares for their employees. ”

Oliver Jiang

Software Engineer

“The best part of working at EagleView is the people. I get to go to work and collaborate with team members who are smart, creative, and passionate.”

Ian Lansing

Software Development

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EagleView saves lives by continously innovating to improve healthcare. We’re looking for curious, hard-working individuals to join our team and empower neurosurgery.

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