EagleView EnVisioner



Intuitive Design and Stunning
User Experience

  • Our easy-to-use interactive design provides stunning user experience for 3D surgical planning.
  • Real-time 3D generation of patient anatomy allows for easy manipulation.
  • Faithful reconstruction of every single voxel without any approximation or loss of fine details provides highly-accurate insight for making decisions.


Comfortable to use

Traditional AR systems use a head mount device which can cause dizziness, headaches, and interfere with eye glasses. The EagleView Envisioner uses a pair of lightweight glasses that avoids these issues.


Integrated into your work

Our desktop solution for 3D surgical planning in AR fits right into your office routine, allowing you to plan surgeries at your fingertips, without even moving from your chair.

Transforming Neurosurgery
Viewing anatomy in 3D has never been as intuitive and simple as with the EagleView Planner


Planning your vascular brain surgery

EagleView EnVisioner takes all existing CT/CTA images for the majority of brain vascular cases. Whether planning aneurysm clippings or visualizing an AVM vasculature, you can achieve your goal in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Planning your trajectory for brain tumor surgery

Our platform accepts all clinical MRI and diffusion images for brain tumor cases. Our system can perform tumor segmentation and fiber tracking in 3D AR to allow you to determine the spatial relationships between tumors and critical structures in the brain. This allows you to create a highly-specific surgical trajectory that protects functional eloquent regions.

“Your product offers tremendous potential in surgical planning.”

Jack Rock, M.D

Neurosurgeon, Henry Ford Health System


Plan every surgery with confidence.



Advance your surgical talent.


Chairs and Directors

Strengthen academic excellence.



Enhance your hospital’s reputation.