VP Business Development (CEO potential)

We are looking for an experienced and energetic executive to join our management team to help bring our business to the next level. The VP for Business Development position is an extremely critical position as this stage of our development and current limited team size. The ideal candidate, based on experience and early performance with the company, will have the potential to transition to the CEO role. Below is a summary of major requirements.


Job duties:

  • Planning, implementing and executing marketing and sales strategy.
  • Leading the company sales and marketing to next level.
  • Planning and execution of the company commercialization strategy.
  • Supporting CEO in fund raising activities
  • Starting from VP for Business Development, ready to move up to CEO, depending on his/her performance.
  • Well qualified candidate can start from part time and then transition to full time.


Basic requirements:

  • Successful experience in the medical device industry.
  • Proven record in sales and marketing.
  • Clear vision of the medical device ecosystem and health care technologies.
  • Excellent managerial, planning, communication and personal skill set. Collaborative, creative and compassionate personality.
  • Eager to work very hard to achieve business goals.


Preferred requirements:

  • Experience of leading/co-leading medical device business to successful exit.
  • Experience in surgery device or medical imaging field.
  • Start-up and turn-around experience.
  • Experience in venture backed technology startup fund raising